Текст песни Kanye West - Playa Playa

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[Kanye talking]If you dont let me go first this time
man, you gon have to wait til' the album come out my
nig. Im tired man im sick and tired,
im just a playa playa,plus this a exclusive kanye to
da beat,come on man,fuck around and throw this on your
instrumental shit too,this what im bout to say

[Kanye]niggas old as hell tryna get they rappin on
in the club lookin like a fuckin shaparone
im in the club posted up yes his mack is on
if not that then a jus blaze track is on
its all roc the world,we all got yo girl,
coped yo girl, never gave back yo girl,
watch the rap refurl after beni mac refurl,
kanye best producer,rap in the world
naw beans im goin after mc's
showin that this rap game made for me
made for us they bittin the pledurus
the spit the style from the niggas that made it up,
thats like me buyin soul beats from my album
dog i had to eat i sold beats from my album
mow i got heat i hold beats from my album, feburary 18 reach for my album

niggas forcin me to keep the heater
black strap white handle i got jungle fever
black benz white truck and 1 2 seater
im in the game gettin change lika parkin meter
and since takeover
it feel like the whole hood tryna get a jenny jones makeover
i got the hood on my shloder,city on my back
they like "damn i heard you charging 50 a track,
i mean you chould at least give me a stack you cant
do all that hard work yourself and not give nothin back"
you kow how shit change when yo name get the buzin
this year alone i got two dozen new cousin
niggas poppin out the wood works talkin bout you owe me
mama im famous niggas hate me that dont know me

[kanye talking]yo, i know yall surprised to see me
when you see me on MTV but keep ya eyes glued to,
i dont know what channel it is out here but in chicago
its channel 7 abc, you might fuck around and see me
on oprah winfrey on somthin,
matter fact last week true story true story true story
listen i got a lil cold right now true story doe,
im on 40th like i dont know like 5th or somethin,
i see a SUV and the window roll down an shit and this
black lady from chicago she like yo i just bought one
of these in black,i just got the G5 or whatever,
she like i just bought one of these in black how does
it drive, im like it drive more like a truck than my
last joint im like im from chicago too i wanna be on
yo show, she said yo ok well who are you,
and i told her im Kanye West, a rapper.
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