Текст песни Kessler Barbara - Take A Ride

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Let’s take a ride in the country baby
Take a roll in the hay
Get some time off on Friday maybe
So we’ll have more than just one day
Really get away
This may sound corny
But I want to watch the grass grow
We both get so romantic when we
Chill out and let that cool breeze blow
Come on baby let’s go
Everyday in the city
I’m like a flower wilting on a sill
If you don’t want to drive then I will
Come on, take a ride with me
Take a ride with me
How do the trees in the city make it
Without a true horizon
For me it’s getting hard to fake it
I keep my chin up and my eyes on the prize
Now it’s time for a ride
We can find someplace to lie down on the ground
Lose time and space and maybe
Feel the earth turning around
If we could only slow down
Everyday in the city?
Come on honey?blah blah blah
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