Текст песни Lil Darius feat Anti Da Menace - Murder

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[Verse 1]
First thing on my mind when I wake up
Gotta go get me some cake up, then murder
They take one of yours but don't cry
Get off your ass and go slide, and shirt em
Im getting a whole lotta green
Can put me a bitch on her knee and a opp on a tee
I got a whole lotta partner they go catch a body for me they don’t charge me a fee
Miami I ain't leavin my heat
Ice on my neck but I still got that fire on me
Cheerleader im catching bodies like freaks
Plastered the room im killing em neat
I got a whole lotta glizzies I ain't workin no job but Lil Darius still get busy
Them partner n em got a location the shit don’t even matter I catch him he still get missed
Find out where they be at we camping out all night
Damn what happened… all white
Catch em we wet em we leave em at stoplight
Backporch gang we leave em there all night
Two 0 they died we ain't died yet
He said that he 24 Kobe he shooting them shots he shootin like Shaq
Lil kid game when it come to them niggas, Whackemo getting em whacked
My manager telling me to focus on rap but im out there flipping them packs
Ain't workin at Lids but theyknock ya down still tryna catch me a hat
New hoe every day you crazy as hell you think im cuffing a gnat
Faceshot leave the boy brains on a mat

Yall know what the fuck it is
952 the label n***a

[Verse 2]
Who the fuck told these boys they was stepping
Im never praying to god im a spin on this block tell that pussy go talk to the reverend
Im a double my necklace they say lil buddy be flexing
Im not a regular pedestrian
Sparing nobody get em whacked all you hearing about it
223, 556, that fuck nigga played he get put on this shit
I got this shit out the mud
Told twin you good you ain't gotta go hit no more licks
Swear this shit came out the blue like a miracle
Put some racks on your head I ain't feeling you
Who is these niggas
Swear to god I influence these niggas
They make me mad ima drop me a hundred
Have you ever seen a young nigga drop shells out a hummer
Im really lit in this rap but I stay in the trap ima beat that bitch right to a coma
There go Luh Anti if you play then that fuck boy on standby
Look im rich as fuck, I put a rack on my truck
Niggas runnin out of luck
I gotta get it, im still completing them missions im really having this chicken its just the beginning
Walk out of Saks with my pockets so fat everytime you see anti he having them racks
Oh we can't get at that boy we gon get at his brother
Say whatchu know about that
Shoot out the SCAT pussy
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