Текст песни MAC MILLER - Malibu

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"The good times can be a trap"
"Oh yeah?" "Hahaha"
"Oh, hell naw (yeah, yeah)
Not here" (Scheiße)
Check myself into rehab
Yeah, um
I might die before I detox
(You piece of shit)
Now that's a bar
I'm gonna save that one for a little bit (you piece of shit)
Now let me come in with- with somethin' else, you feel me? (Here we go)
Yeah, yeah, it's air Jordan on my flip-flops (woo)
And kill me now if I did it all for hip-hop (k-ch, blaow)
I might die before I detox
This ain't high-school, no little Asian I can cheat off (mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi)
We keep chiefin' while police watch (woo)
Loss in vibration sirens blowin' up the weed spot (ha, yeah)
And Heisman hopefuls all growin' up to be cops
Chasin' after gangsters but they never find a g-spot (ohh)
I'm recordin' like I'll die tomorrow (die)
At the rate I'm gettin' high, it'll be hard for me to find tomorrow (find)
But I just pray that I'll survive tomorrow (oh my God)
As she cries in sorrow, she just needs some time to borrow (oh my God)
She'll be smilin' by tomorrow
Everythin' will be so fine tomorrow (yeah)
Put the white away, we can do some lines tomorrow
Come say hi tomorrow (hello)
Well I'll be damned if this ain't some shit
Well I'll be damned if this ain't some shit
Here I am
I know you see me
Here I am
And I'll be damned if this ain't some shit but here I am
I'm the only suicidal motherfucker wit' a smile on (ching)
Let's hold hands and sing the bible, that's a violent psalm
The high-strung, eyes-low, ride along
Everybody grab a fuckin' number, this a die-a-thon (mi-mi-mi-mi-mi)
(Kill me) oh, I'm the bomb (hell yeah)
Literally back away, I'm the bomb (ka-plow)
Let me get my lion on (growl)
Yeah, okay
Eighty-five grand get you a heavy ass wrist (bling)
They ain't killin', they just yellin', that's it (ahh)
A deadly combination with that ecstasy sniff (uh)
On the phone probably yellin' at rich (come on man)
Say, double the money (double the money)
Please, double the money (double the money)
Triple the problems, double the money
They was all laughin', wasn't that funny? (Hahahaha)
I started fucking with drugs and now I'm a junkie
The U-S of A, I fuck with my country (oh)
But Uncle Sam could never teach me how to Dougie (oh, oh)
I'm thinking 'til my brain pops
Spittin' is a cakewalk (whoa)
I'm just a rapper, guess I'm sticking to my day job (woo)
Wiz gettin' faded, come and kick it at a bakeshop
Everythin' is A-1, steak sauce (hahaha)
Goddamnit (thank God)
Thank God
Here I am and I'll be damned if this ain't some shit
Here I am and I'll be damned if this ain't some shit
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