Текст песни Magic - Did What I Had 2

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man what FUCK
I told you my fuckin name
a hundred times man
nigga call me Mystikal then fuck
whicch why I did it?
why, nigga what
the nigga would of did me
you’d rather the nigga
would of did me I’m tellin you


pop or get popped
kill or get killed
drop or get dropped
that’s why I did what I had to do
all I ever really wanted was cash
but he caught a buck
so I had to spank that ass
kill or get killed
pop or get popped
drop or get dropped
that’s why I did what I had to do
all I ever really wanted was cash
but he caught a buck
so I had to spank that ass

these people question my sanity
cause I get it by my know how
meanest smile
how was your life as a child
did you grow up in the ghetto
around thugs and killas
though when night fall
a nigga don’t give a fuck about feelings
gotta stay high
don’t know if i’m gon live or die
45 by my side in case
I gots to send a nigga bye bye
paranoid knowin that the day gon come
I done grabbed his gun
and I’ll be damned if Mr. Magic gon run
face reality
guess I was just destined for doom
that’s when yall found on them choppers
layin round in my room
I ain’t no fool
gotta play the game by the rules
that nigga flinched and my gun went boom
you done fucked with a type nigga
put money on my own fuckin head
shake any you pussy niggas
tryin to dress me in red
it’s Mr. Magic and Mystikal
you niggas say you didn’t fear me
bet you fear me now
brung pain and I’m bangin em at cha
will you forgive me lord
I was only playin my part
protectin my tank doggs
live or will die
fuck what a nigga think
how must I representin
any nigga from the tank


I’m from uptown
where everybody know everybody
so I guess they know me
and though ain’t no cut throat type niggas
gon fuck over ya call the police
bitches real in these streets
that’s why I come real on these beats
we stay real with each other
that’s why we still on our feet
we gon do what we gotta
to hold this bitch down
to keep it in one piece
if I gotta put a hole in every one of ya
motherfuckers, bitch that’s how it’s gon be
nigga fuck with another nigga lyrics to tour
don’t try that on me
motherfucker buy that spanish choke
bitch can’t tie that on me
motherfuckers say to her
I kill cocaine, pistol and weed
nigga thought about givin the fucks some here
but I ain’t coppin no plea
so I guess it’s safe to say
we goin out buckin
it’s either 6 niggas doin the carryin
or 12 niggas doin the judgin


[Magic] {Mystikal}
[got no regrets for the way I’m livin
but god knows I don’t wanna face prison
forgive me for what I done]
{not responsible for how I’m feelin
but if these niggas try to play me
I’m a have to kill em
before they kill me}
[how many niggas in this bitch can feel me
it’s gonna take a million motherfuckers
just to kill me]
{so when they lock me up and try to seal me
when I get out my niggas gon be still there}
[the only artist on TRU
so I’m the 1st to fall
any head bustin goin on
I’m the 1st to call]
{we ain’t playin wit you bitches
we gotta finish you off
Mr. Magic and Mystikal
the last niggas you saw}

chorus until end
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