Текст песни Nasty Boy Klick - I Know You Want Me

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I Know You Want Me

when u say u want me but do u really want me

I know u want me boy
I know u want me and I want u 2
yes I want u 2
I know u need me boy
I know u need me and I need u 2
yes I need u 2
but if I give u my love
u’ve got to promise me take good care of me
and if I give u my heart
u’ve got to hold it tyte 4 the rest of our lives

do u remember last summer when the chips was down
not a person in the world to bring a smile to your frown
I couldnt promise u the world back then
pray to God for the strength to make u happy again
nights of slow passion thunder like rain
and flights 77 when I see u again
reminisine of the kisses up on your body
sho shawty when u wanna get naughty ryte
now u coming with the rules and regulations too
whats a homie supposed to do
I cant change over night but I know
nobody wants u like I do so what u wanna do


deeply in your memory u know u are the one 4 me
no need to be insecure baby can u handle me
love to love u no one above my world is yours
I’ll do anything for u no need to be a playa
to good to be tru aint no other lady got nothing on u
slippin lsg yea your body on me
may the chardene sip on moquet lifes all set
I wont cheat with my lil g
u can bet ill be the one to get and demand your respect
and dont be doing things that u will regret
cuz it aint the same like when we first met


remember when I promised that I’ll be ur star
a dozen roses everyday
a ribbon around your new cars
livin in your dream on the hills
and chill on the best wines when we dine
im giving u paradise on earth
well visions of us waiting 4 our son or daughters birth
king of my own world with u as my queen
tru essence gods masterpieces in my presence
angels in her eyes and whisper soft skin
and lord knows me loving u is no sin
its meant to be u n me
walking on the gold paved roads
bath and make love underneth the water falls


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