Текст песни Olivia Newton John - Physical(with Rosie)

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Rosie - We’re talkin’ to women over 35.

Olivia - You do a self-examination.

Rosie - We got another thing to keep you alive, give your boobs
a squeeze!

Olivia - A mammogram makes sure that you have healthy breasts.

Rosie - No different than a cold waffle iron...

Olivia - Reminds me of having my blue jeans pressed.

Rosie - So make your move and please.

Together - Get a PHYSICAL, PHYSICAL, call and get a PHYSICAL.
Schedule a PHYSICAL
Get yourself a mammogram, you’ll thank us ma’am. Get yourself
a mammogram.

Olivia - You can do it ’cause your strong. It only hurts for 5 seconds.

Rosie - Uh-huh Uh-huh Uh-huh... Whether they’re tiny, big,
or long, you know what they need.

Olivia - If you feel a marble, a pea, or a flaw, don’t be
shy just get it checked.

Rosie - Be a trend setter, just whip off your bra! Start
a health stampede!

Together - Get a PHYSICAL, PHYSICAL! It’s time for your PHYSICAL.
Don’t say
you’re to BUSYICAL. Get yourself a mammogram, thank you ma’am.
Get yourself
a mammogram!
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