Текст песни Paolo Nutini - Julianne

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[Verse 1]
Julianne, I saw you pass by my window
And believe me, I know I won't see you tomorrow
I guess it's true, it's just what we do
But tonight's alright, Julianne

[Verse 2]
Never-mind the time, the gifts that you gave me
Forget the regret, those songs that you made me
Looks like they were true, we're just looking through
Through me and you, Julianne

If I was to wish for a different life
Wouldn't take if I tried
Or never in a million years
Words still left to say
But I don't know how
They will sound
Coming out my eager mouth

[Verse 3]
So Julianne, I hope that you might remember
Those times when on our minds, there was only each other
'Cause it comes to me so easily
The memories, Julianne

Goodnight Julianne
Goodnight Julianne
Goodnight Julianne

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