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Why you play hide and seek with the happiness that I can't find
Can't talk to you, but I do, I'm losing my damn mind
You say you love me this feel like its a mistake (ah)
Hit by the flavor but never know what it tastes like
And you be dodging the serious things I say
When I been nothing but clear from the start
Physically free but my heart in prison I listen a lot
It's probably the reason I'm overthinking
Wish more oftenly that you would tell me what you thinking
You put me in a boat and never told me it was sinking
I don't trust nobody to the point I'm scared of blinking
You and me together I don't know what I was thinking
Then it really hit me
How could you not call me when you pull up to my city
I did everything you did that really hit me deep
But anywhere I heard that you liked walking on the beach so

Now I got you closer baby, please
Take my hand and keep me company
I mean baby who really but me (ya)
And even though I want you here to stay
I know that you go through things everyday
And sometimes I just feel I'm in your way

Ya, okay
Pretty little XO drive me mental
Shawty know she bad so she keep her legs closed
And I heard that she really put you to the test though
Pretty little diva yeah she mix another potion
And I know that you just want someone to listen
Always hear the same thing you want something different
I know every day that you make difficult decisions
You want to be friendly but these girls want competition

Ya, anyway call me shawty
I just want you to love me
Growing up showed you nothing
You still expected nothing
Ay, nothing
Whoa, expected nothing, whoa
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