Текст песни Penelope Scott - Cemetery Pigeons

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[Verse 1]
Cemetery pigeons
Checking out the graves
Cemetery pigeons
Leaving little footprints on the dirt beside the paved walkway
Cemetery pigeons
Are you from abroad?
Do you ever think about the pigeons that you've lost?

I don't wanna be here
I don't wanna go home
I don't wanna take up any more space
I don't wanna just bitch and moan
Cemetery pigeons, house pets of the dead
Where do you go when the lake is frozen and you've got no stupid red hat for your little grey head?

[Verse 2]
Cemetery pigeons, phantom skunks, whoa
Howls and wails and necropolis snails
And the young postmodern punks, exhale cigarette smoke
A cold blueberry cloud
During a weird brief stint, I smoked that shit
On the delivery route out of town, it felt so unimportant
But I really fucking tried
I could do so much better if I knew how to do it, I cried
While the anarchists danced and got high
They sang "fuck the city"

And I'm always caught in between
One more smoky apartment
And the liberal American Dream
Oh, cemetery pigeons, my head is fucked
If I had wings like you, I'd probably walk around with them tucked

[Verse 3]
Cemetery pigeons, I met God
She was the red couch I tripped on right through the wall
And out and into the lawn
With the metaheuristics
The syntactic soul of the ants
No more need for cars and trucks
And unfortunate fucks
Stuck going the same way in traffic

Party crashers crash my party
I'm ready for a little bit of mystery
Spit saliva in my coffee, we'll write history
Oh, the sweat inside my mask drips down
Into my liquor mouth
The dirty covid martini is a popular drink
And we're never ever gonna run out!
Party crashers crash my party, put me on the radio
Ants and friends and chain link fences
I'm all ready to go!
Oh, the sweat inside my mask drips down
Into my guilty mouth
The mad-dog martini is a popular drink
From the north all the way to the south
No matter what time you're o-o-out

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