Текст песни The Prodigy - The Life

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[Verse 1: Prodigy]

Its like this nigga

Aight before i get started, spark up the 'lawten'
Light up the Night now lets get it goin
to the motherfucking top, i don't motherfucking stop
till we find life out the and set up shop
party rockin, bottles poppin to the Henny and mo
Its like five hundred bitches now we havin a ball
Got a gun, a screwdriver, a knife and a shank
plus ill break face-bones with my platinum rings
Its a getto love story i'm in love with the life
of the rich and infamous, ferrari's and ice
lambourghini bikes they aint make those yet
im still waitin for that 700 Benz
I do it for my nigga's dead and in the penz
just when you think the shits's over, thats when the shit begins
This the bronx, this Harlem, Brooklyn and Queens
That new york state a mind when your poppin them things

The violence don't stop, the beef don't seaze
The money keep comin, the paper increases
The gunfire don't end and people stay die'in
So imme keep livin the life, You Damn Right!

[Verse 2]
Murde Murde de Murde
Kille Kille de Kille
From Queens goddamnit i'm a menace to the planet
Put your body on the 'ashfor', Fuck a asshole!
Come to the hood, and you aint got no passport
he coulndt get his gun out the stash fast enough..
so that nigga got his assblasted up
Keep the Hennesy comin, and we keep lighting up
NiggaI stay sedated that's right we not cut from the same cloth
you chinchilla soft i'm brillo pe cauz'
Take your skin of you, rub me the wrong way
You a silver tie nigga, P hoody all day
Tattoos and juwels mister cartoon and Gabriel in the district
get all my loot
i'm adicted to lookin fres i'm supa fly
got a bad habbit for hammers i'm in love with nine's

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