Текст песни Raekwon - Live From New York

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Li-li-live from New York (2x)
Is you watchin
Whats on my motherfuckin neck nigga
Li-li-live from New York (2x)
Live from New York

Yo Yo
All white bolon
The allie pulled on
Kept his fade low
Rocked swade in the snow
Blue Tahoe
A wizard on the keyboard
Eyes look bloodshot lord
Nevermind that
Claim the award
In the system we just missed’em
Came through bangin nuthin but Wu
The crowd blitzed’em
Much love
Carryin the champaigne glasses
Crazy asses
Niggas on his neck like ski masks
Chill step on me
Axe slash through a little fifty
And crash
I wanna drink knew shed pocket the cash
Buck Samonite hype nigga
Iron Man blowin the mic
You motherfucken right
Live highlight then I seen him
Nigga was raw, stepped in
Bitches flexin’ next to him
Bad Mexicans
What up showin’ you love
You got a real style
Where you from
The Ow
Thats Staten Isle love no doubt
Oh God he had a take bout a hundred
Some strange nigga thought he had arranged
God gone blunted
Pay attention its cinch like sacks and macks
He did the knowledge
Ran to the bar and grabbed stacks
Now the whole parties bubblin’
Niggas got love his bug
He had on one glove
Rollin’ up drugs
Him and his Vikings ran through
Stopped played the back
Then they walked through
Live from New York
When niggas hug you

Chorus: 2x
Gettin money and laced up
Live from New York
Gettin’ reefer to blaze up
Live from New York
Gettin’ Niggas to dance
Aiyyo and throw both hands up
Wont pull their pants up
Live from New York

Yo Yo
Madonna money in our pocket
Boating in a rocket
Bout to blast off
We charged like a socket
Whips be cleaner than a fuck
Jewels basically struck
Strait up Brolox style
Layin in the cut
Bottles strictly done
Ring the alarm
Rollie on the arm
Arms crossed two sneakers on
Fly shit
Nikes the majority
NYC state of mind
And we talk with authority
5 borrows is sterile
Still out of town playin mellow
I thought I seen Shalon swade yelow
Rippin’ it
New six flippin’ it
Shorty is drip dippin’ in it
When she sit through dick in it
Came to conclusions
Whats the solution when your losin’
Respect mine
Now from the foul line
Streets is a part of us
Teaching the seeds through the heart of us
Some get locked thats a scar on us

Chorus: 3x
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