Текст песни Rakim - Flow Forever

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Aiyyo.. what’s goin on?
The Mic Lebanon Teflon Don..
I’m back baby
The year of the 9’s
and I’ma have to make these motherfuckers a offer they can’t refuse

Ha, what’s goin on? Yo c’mon, you know it’s on
I wrote a song, test my flow on the Autobahn
Make sure the force is right, I floss all night
Get off the mic it’ll smoke like an exhaust pipe
Keep em in the lie-bury, studyin my theory
Ra theory get translated in Swahili
From the lands as far as Zanzibar
they understand the R, the man Allah
It’s obvious why the copiers, they copy this
soon as my data processes Y2K they floppy disk
Now who the hottest is? How can it not be this?
Baby who the cockiest? Papi is? Gracias
Aiyyo, this be so, magnifico
Even my, typical, style difficult
Make a crowd go wild when I rip a show
Better stand back, this’ll blow, you didn’t know?

Chorus: Rakim

They show me love when I’m come through
Yo any club that I come to
I hit a microphone check one two
and they know what I wanna do - flow forever

You ever witness rapport like this before?
It’s cause y’all kiss the floor, say this my Lord
It’s the chosen one, with the golden tongue
Flow for the old and young when I’m holdin one
In the front row sitty, we show no pity
where kids get jiggy and girls are so pretty
The Wanderer, back from Casablanca
to stomp all, what next for Ra the Conqueror
So let’s go, the best show will explode
No dress codes, they just pose in they best clothes
Girls get exposed when I show my rap expo
Will there be a next episode? I guess so
Those that halved out, wanted to have clout
What they mad about? Must be a cash route
MC’s switch they style from they last bout
and I bet soon as they hear this they spaz out

Chorus 2X

Wherever Rakim go, it’s the God temple
It’s simple, my M.O., no problemo
Been all over the map, even know where Hell is at
I did the welcome mat, and then welcome back
My flow is raw, they treat me like Mr. Know-it-All
They want me to show em all my brand new protocol
Excuse-a-moi, I make a move for Ra
You ain’t soupin Ra, save the hoop-a-la
Let me find out you rhymed out designed out
Pullin dimes out then climb out, for time out
I’m at the free throw, playin ball, or cee-lo, I keep dough
Reloaded like Carlito, incognito
I be so, low key, women get nosy
I do a show they wanna go see to get to know me
in the front row seat they cosy
thinkin I’m givin them the bo-bo-bee until they O.D.

Chorus 4X
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