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(Mello made it right)

[Verse 1]
Don't watch me, better watch your man
Drum the sticks like a main event
Cut off if you try your hand
Could care less what these bitches sayin'
I do that shit 'cause I know I can
I like that bitch 'cause I know I am
And I keep that shit on me
You'll never catch me in a jam (Yeah)
My hair and makeup done up (Yeah)
If you don't like me, shut the fuck up
We party 'til the sun up (Yeah)
If you got a problem, run up (Run up)
R-r-run up (Run up)

[Verse 2]
In my city, I'm a staple
Rockin' Rick down to my ankles
Smoking gas, no, we ain't vapin'
I run this shit, no, I ain't racin'
Go out and get it, stop complainin', bitch
Why you always hatin', sis?
Pull up in that who-that-be
But you know who the hell it is
Tinted windows, candy paint
Got the haters mad again
Keep a hook, no candy cane
I only smoke exotic strains
Fuck with me, we blow your brains
Bust it down, don't like it plain
Me and you are not the same, n-not the same

Don't watch me, better watch your man
Drum the sticks like a main event
—Vent, —vent
Don't watch me better watch your man
—Vent, —vent

[Verse 3]
You shoulda seen the last time a bitch tried to fuck with us
Make him jump like double dutch
Smoke a bitch and roll her up
I'm with that gettin' money shit and you be out with such and such
You say that I do too much
Quite frankly, you don't do enough
Yeah, I got these bitches pissed
Every day, I got a different wig and a different kit
Got these bitches stressed, they smokin' cigs
Yeah, you said that you would slide, but you never slid
I ain't got to tell these hoes my name, they know who it is

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