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You gotta pay the cost to be the boss I'm still gonna pay it though
I still eat her pussy everyday likes it's my favorite food
Million ain't enough I want a B I'm tryna see it through
All this for the look I'm their neck they can't do nothin' with me
Dog nigga in and out the traphouse four still blowing her back out
These pants cost me a bag I'm still gon' sag em
Sag em like my momma I still be trappin' like my daddy
Buy what she want I don't give a fuck shit is automatic
Dog nigga smoking out that Bentley truck I'm lit but I don't take it there
They goin feel the vibe when they hear this I talk that money talk
I'm dripped in some Mike Amiri denim like I'm workin' there
They gon' tell me chill out when they hear this man don't tell me now
Yeah Yeah
Imma get that get that weed back from Khaled
Hustler don't play with my money I won't stand it
She tryna convince me that she bad but she trashy
Ain't never pressure bout no shawty you can have him
Yeah I could wear Balmain sweat suit in the summer
I can't put no thotty on this earth before my brotha
Imma give my shawty what she want but I don't love her
I still got a million in the safe that I ain't touching
SI ain't enough I want them VV's when I'm bussin'
Ask them who got motion in my city tell them us
If shawty ain't a ten then I can't let em in my house
Go ask about 49 they know he put on for the south
Bentley trucks, Maserati, Lamborghini
Yeah lavish life, drunk sex, undefeated
Yeah say he want the sauce, he gotta pay a fee
Niggas who want the smoke still want a feature
Crazy, I been workin niggas lazy
I'm who made that sunshine in the basement
I was out there hustlin you was hatin'
Talkin shit keep on saying,
"I'm better than all these rap niggas I'm just waitin"
Blood, see the envy in their eyes
This goofy ass remind me of papa doc
Before I beat a hoe I beat the block
Before I take some pussy I take her out
A vulture in the sky, oh that's Rob
Yeah big 49 in the flesh
I'm the elephant in the room, I'm the monkey on your back
I'm that nigga from your hood that you grew up with
Alright that get that money and never done no fuck shit

Keep that "alright"
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