Текст песни Samples, The - Pioneer Square 2012

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Looking Down On Town Tonight
There’s Quiet In The Air
All The Lights That Shine So Bright
Once Were Never There
Everybody Turns One On
And Figures Out Their Share
I Can See Myself Right In That Window
Over There Down By The Square
Fortune Tellers Hold The Cards
That Soon Will Be Revealed
14 Years Will Come And Go
Then Our Fate Is Sealed
I Can Stake My Claim Right Here
I Do Refuse To Yield
Won’t Think Or Talk About It But I’ll Know
Just How It Feels Down By The Square
Try Again Tomorrow
That Is What The Old Sign Read
Saw It In The Paper,
But Had Read It When They’re Dead
Couldn’t Find A Handle
Now I Wish I Had My Head
How I Long To Rest These Aching Bones
And Get This Body Fed
Now You See Me Walking
With The Rain Right On My Heels
To No One I’ve Been Talking
But That’s Not How It Feels
When It’s Done
And Over What Did This Short Life Reveal
Cannot Find An Answer
So Until Then I’ll Just Be
Down By The Square
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