Текст песни Sting - Moonlight

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In the moonlight
When the shadows play
When the thought of what could happen
Takes your breath away
Sighs and whispers
Quiet laughter in the air
Unspoken invitations everywhere

In the moonlight
All the words you say
Make it relatively easy
To be swept away
In the half light
Can we trust the way we feel
Can we be sure that anything is real?

Stars keep secrets as they wander indiscretely
While the echoes of a song go drifting by
We must be careful not to lose our way completely
Or the magic that we seek here
We can't be sure will be here

In the morning
With the moon away
And if in each other's arms
Is where we're meant to stay

In the love light
When our eyes have grown accustomed to the daylight
We'll see what waits for us to share
For all the things we've dreamed of in the moonlight
Will be there
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