Текст песни T.I. - Act I (T.I.P.)

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Rapper T.I.
3 grammy nominations
with the second highest debut on the hip hop
if u look left there's a monkey next to an anaconda
sentenced to probation
Philon Johnson gun downed.
In a hail of gun
suffered a miscarriage
ATL opens with a
features with the acting debut of rapper T.I.

I aint sign up for dis shit. Lost my partner. Lost my life homes. F**k dis sh*t. Im done.

A listen homes. Get Atlantic on da phone. Gon call em. Tell Craig, Julie, Cap and Col. I need
to holla at em. First I gotta let em kno Im tired of rapping. F**k da money. Ever since Phil
died I aint happy. A wats happenin. We under new operations. Though we ready, we'd like ya
cooperation better. Listen when Im talkin. Throwed off. I aint patient. Ima tell once then
start countin shell cases. Don't mean to scare but dis bullsh*t is irritating. Ima tell u like
it is shawty. I aint fin to play. I feel another K comin round da corner any day. I kno da
consequences. Im da same nigga anyway. Its way more important that wat Im fin to say. Do wat I
say or I aint droppin sh*t till 2028 (who gives a f**k if he comes on to 20 for 28. He said da
year 2028 u f**kin moron) Listen guys. Im on dat be hot sh*t. Its T I P for now on. F**k dat T I
Give a damn wat any nigga gotta say bout dis. Yea I think its best to say I did it.
Don't be emailin to itinerary. I wont get it. Ya best bet
just holla when they filled da jet. Tell City aint no photo shoots and I aint in da building.
Accused now b in da southern just to shoot a dozen movies.
(Cash dat check and be spending our money)
You right about dat honey. Thanks for doin dat for me. Speaking of money. You can always
buy me out but da price high. I aint none of T I nigga. No moe Mister Nice Guy.
(Listen kid. Understand me here. Dis is Leor Colin. You better treat dis company wit some respect.
And you
better not be playin wit my muthaf**king money.) I got ya motherf**king money partner but I
aint playin. U got any since, youll do wat da f**k I say. I aint sellin no god**** albums. Dat
aint no threat. Dats a muthaf**kin promise jack. Come and see me if you want. Get it like da
Red Cross nigga.

[phone hangs]
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