Текст песни The Horrors - Draw Japan.

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Butcher the paper with a ravenous pen, Carving out trees and scoring skin
Animals too placed in plastic cages, carted around these filthy pages
I will draw Japan
Spectres holding sceptres with fingers thin, empty vessels asserting,
We are still King, we are still King
Black stuff running like nosebleed danger
Swarming towards the scource of the noise
I will draw Japan, with fervent hands
Black cells depict a foreign land ,I draw Japan
Sleeping city emits no sound, in this compound
No beast awalks, in this compound
No beast awalks, in this compound
I will draw Japan with a ravenous pen, hungry for oil and iron and tin
To your left a concrete factory, smoke billows, fists punch, Victory!
And my hands start shaking, and Japan starts shaking
And I begin to draw out Japan, in the shape of a man
Seen rushing through a market town, through the compound
No beast awalks in this compound
No beast awalks in this compound
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