Текст песни Tim McGraw - Can't Tell Me Nothin'

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1986 Harley Blowin' smoke and suckin' oil
My daddy said, "Buy it and you're crazy boy"
Can't tell me nothin'
It took two months to fix it up
One day to lay it down
I got little hitch in my get-along now
Can't tell me nothin'

Talk is cheap
And free advice is worth the price you pay
I have to find out for myself the hard way
Can't tell me nothin' (not 2nd time)

Hometown homecoming sweet heart
Nobody thought I had a prayer
Her momma said, "Boy, don't come
around here"
Can't tell me nothin'
They say be careful what you wish for
I wanted to be her man
Two babies and a trailer later here I am
Can't tell me nothin'


They say that drinkin' will kill you
The same thing with rollin' smokes
But that's two of the three things that
I like most
Can't tell me nothin'
I know what the good book preaches
But I know how I am
I just hope somebody up there understands
Can't tell me nothin'
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