Текст песни Вася Обломов - Magadan (English version)

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my name is why I said in there you when the Russian time musician and I've got
the job every night
she saw its own skin local chief bob it's called
be worse place every night be here all bored
holding human res my best friend days jay is in moscow CD
but I'll even more can also hold on which is less police
my parents gave me everything they could but for now
and tonight I just seen long people here in very bad mood
for some reason everybody he likes to listen songs about
pollution the men here like loses all symbolic
reason and love they drink a lot an as game to be played with them
and it's never enough sold I decided to write and see my old song
the about bold be in the dream
riding along it's very simple story
with no fun in russia sounds like the out
her daughter moreover sure there
old shoot are you sure don't
this is a measure shooter
yes I know that my Sony sheehan but local
people had already they told me that they have a Lucille's
that i'm gonna be playable songwriter and have a lot to reach a deal for
every evening this bob is football everybody wants to hear my song and to
see how I look
we even begin to sell my reach dole's
and now my song sounds from all russians low mile falls
the league right here you can hear my song goes my job done
I don't know how but everything is done
w/ speakers for girls
for moms are the greedy bosses are
yeah managed care
good now I'm singin my song king Barry fry with spotty
Michael broker a peace Jedi and you know he's very cocky
the phase me lol then read commands me to his
these deal in their seat next to me
and we shake hands the UN power-play Minister Ramona
she's having fun southerly he he spotted
desire for 3gb brand like
days for
for the shoes ballroom shoe to my
home for you sure launch more more in the world do
story only I stayed in he still
Russian music as useful one huge London
he's was gone but it was very huge and everybody loves
blessing is to get the I and I'm
down he's done
I down
on drive on the nation's my
global emissions
documents hands down %um and the homosexual she announced she leaned
doing here and love my mind away
burn well Mother Russia
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