Текст песни Venom - Red light fever

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I need a woman oh so bad,
You ever get the feeling you’ve been had,
You pay your money you pay the price,
You take a chance and it feels so nice,
Later maybe you wonder why,
This little lady’s gonna suck you dry

You walk the streets as the darkness falls,
You try to pass but the red light calls,
When it’s done and you’ve had your fun,
You gotta treat yourself like number one,
Maybe, even though she treats me bad,
She’s not the only one I’ve ever had,

I need to feel it baby can’t you see,
I need a girl to set my venom free,
I’m going in can’t you feel,
Feels so good now I’ve broke the seal,
I tell you babe I’m never satisfied,
Aint gonna die for those tears you cried,

Your makin love just like a young girl should,
You move me baby like no other could,
You give me love but I can see,
Your lovin’ isn’t only meant for me,
If it’s a living what the hell,
I see you’ve only got your love to sell,
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