Текст песни Verve Pipe, The - she has faces

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she has faces up in her bedroom and they gaze down on her guarding
her slumber

a black bead rosary under her pillow and when it thunders she
clutches it tightly

and she hears silence is white, sound is black, the world is
wrapped in a paper sack

and when i leave i close the door to this galaxy of yours

dropping by i open a window as the breeze blows in the curtains
are butterflies

and we hear the church bells ring out on a hill and all of their
echoes left us singing

silence is black, the room is bright, our world is basking in tv light

and we are laid out on the floor of this galaxy of yours

with all of your heroes waiting in paper piles laid on the floor

i push my paintbrush lightly and fill in any empty nail holes

a dresser top, a jewelry box, colored tassels tied in knots

and a porcelain girl danced a music box ballet for us

and your nightlight is a star, or a firefly, that

leads my gaze up to the ceiling

wondering if you think that it’s the sky

with all of your heroes...

open the window slightly, pick up paper off the floor

i hold my paintbrush tightly, and fill in any empty nail holes

open the window slightly
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