Текст песни Warren G - I Want It All

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featuring Mack 10

[Warren G]
What’s up?
This Warren G chillin’ with the home boy Mack 10
We gon’ lay a lil’ sumpin’ down for y’all
Let y’all know what time it is
Show you how we keepin’ it real wit’ it
You know, cuz this world is built on material thangs
But we ain’t trippin’ off that
We want y’all to know this, check it

[Chorus- Warren G]
I want it all; money, fast cars
Diamond rings, gold chains and champagne
Shit, everydamn thing
I want it all; houses, expenses
My own business, a truck, hmm, and a couple o’ Benz’s
I want it all; brand new socks and draws
And a bowl everytime I stop and talk to y’all
I want it all, all, all, all
I want it all, all, all, all, all

[Warren G]
They say, ’There go Warren G with that envious stare’
I love this game too much, I wish these haters wasn’t here
It’s a shame, we came too far to turn back
It’s a cold world, it gets so hard, you learned that
Won’t fall tryin’ to walk from crawl
Tryin’ to hustle up from broke to ballin’
And, yeah, y’all in effect that’s all me
The jiggy G-Z, all my niggas that keep it real and do it easy
Believe me, young nigga, gettin’ fat meat is greazy
And bitches stank, ’So what?’ you reply, they can hear the bank
Get away, or get gappled, the very next day
Don’t cry, hold your head up high
And remember what you told yourself
I said remember what you told yourself
I said remember what you told yourself
I said remember what you told yourself
Ha ha


[Mack 10]
I want it all, so I got to wake up and ball
And thanks to y’all, I got plaques on the wall
Mack 10 laced with the know how to paper chase
Crushed ice, throw my Rollie face in the platinum fan base
>From net workin’ and hustlin’, no doubt, I got slout
And live the lifestyle that Robin Leash talkin’ about
Slow down, player, don’t hate cuz you can’t relate
The Bently Coupes and kickin’ gears on Harley’s with the straights
I got more lime light than Vegas on cable
Willing enable to shoot, seen nervios at the craps table
And while you can’t get off the ground, I’m getting high
Fuckin’ fly and fly, with desire to build an empire
I strapped up and took flight like a missle
Told them loud and clear as a whistle ’Hoo Bangin’ is official’
Handing out Roman diamonds at roll-call
I’ma ball and never fall cuz Mack 10 want it all


[Warren G]
Me and 10 get paid escapade to the spot
We hots like rocks served on hot blocks
I notice money make the world circulate
So we gon’ stack and stack and take a sip in ?Perkle Lake?
Bump, let the woofers sub (sub), show the homies love (love)
Warren to the G (G), and Little G-Dub (Dub)
Surface on the low, slide or don’t slide at all
Ride or don’t ride at all
Ha ha

[Mack 10]
Warren, I couldn’t be more serious about my ’fetti
I stay tight on the mic and keep the pen movin’ steady
I want it all, dawg, and it might be greed
I hate to trip, but I got two little mouths to feed
They don’t know nuttin’ about no excuses and disrespect
Or somebody bein’ zig with they Daddy’s royalty check
And at that point, I’m through talkin’, dawg, enough said
So, if you owe Mack money, then I suggest you break bread


[Warren G] [Mack 10]
Mack 10 What up? I know
The paper’s out there, ha ha Yeah, Warren G
What up? You know
The paper’s out there, ha ha Yeah
G Funk What up? You know
The paper’s out there, ha ha That’s right
What? Hoo Bangin’ What up? We know
The paper’s out there, ha ha That’s right, what?
The whole world
Paper’s out there Speak on it
Ha ha
All the hood
Paper’s out there
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