Текст песни White Stripes, The - The Hardest Button To Button

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We started living in an old house
My ma gave birth and we were checking it out
It was a baby boy
So we bought him a toy
It was a ray gun
And it was 1981

We named him "Baby"
He had a toothache
He started crying
It sounded like an earthquake
It didn’t last long
Because I stopped it
I grabbed a rag doll
And stuck some little pins in it

Now we’re a family
And we’re alright now
We got some money and a little place
To fight now
We don’t know you
And we don’t owe you
But if you see us around
I got something else to show you

Well it’s easy when you don’t know better
You think it’s sleazy?
Then put it in a short letter
We keep warm
But there’s just something wrong with you
Just feel like you’re the hardest button to button

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