Текст песни Whitney Houston - Get It Back

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Y'all ready? Uh
Whitney, Dark Child
If we could get it back
If we could get it back, uh yeah
Check it out, come on

Remember when it all began
We were all in love, ah
Thinking of friends telling your when
Time for me was good enough
I testily had to compete
With your crew and their schemes
Remember back in the day
I used to mean everything

If we could just get it back
To the way it used to be
High on me, with your word-be lies
Nothing would change for you and me
I remember how it was
And I know that for a fact
We were both so deep in love
If we could just get it back

Now tell me why so many nights
You had so much to do, baby
When you said bye, sometimes I tried
I tried to make you choose
Now tell me how you can allow
Your boys to control, darlin'
The time we share, it wasn't fair
But now you need to know

Now if I told you that I'm movin' on
Boy what would you do?
Oh things just ain't the same, no, no, no, no
We were suppose to, yeah, yeah, now
Conquer everything, oh baby
Boy, if I tell you, you've got to make a change, oh boy

(Repeat Chorus) x2

Remember how we used to dance
I like the way we used to dance
Girl let me see you dance
Just dance wit me, dance wit me

If we could just get it back

(Repeat Chorus) x3

If we could just get it back
If we could just get it back.
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