Текст песни Wild Orchid - I Won't Play The Fool

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The stage is set so let the curtain rise
As for the ending my dear that’s for me to decide
You may think you know the role that I play
You’ll be so surprised when it’s not that way

I won’t play the fool anymore
This time I’ll walk out the door
And leave you standing here all alone
This time I’ll find on my own
Someone who loves me

Cause I, I won’t play the fool anymore oh no no

No more dramatic scenes, only a short goodbye
To all the lonely nights to all the good times
I found it in my heart to love

Now I must find the strength to go
Too late for happy endings,
Now it’s time you know
It’s time you know - it’s time you know


So let me dry your eyes, it’s gonna be all right
But understand me when I say
It’s time that we make a change

You don’t have to lie no more - try no more

Cause baby one thing’s for sure...


I won’t play the fool anymore
I can’t let you keep breaking my heart baby
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