Текст песни Young Jeezy - By The Way

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Just call me young
My money grown doe, by the way
Ha ha, let's go
Ha ha ha, Young, you already know what time it is
Let's go

Said I'm young by the way, the one by the way
I ain't trippin' I just do this shit for fun by the way
The truth by the way, the proof by the way
Mr. Front up on me know I'm gonna shoot by the way
I said it's on by the way, I'm in the zone by the way
You can call me Mr. Get 'Em gone by the way
I did it by the way, I was with it by the way
I talk it like I did it cause I lived it by the way

[Verse 1]
What ya say Young
The boy might go nut's, puttin' holes in niggas just like donuts
My cream be crispy, these niggas can't get me
They must be the wrong size cause these niggas can't fit me
Never let 'em play me, never let 'em bullshit me
If they ever bullshit me, send the coroners to get me
And when the coroner come get's me, I'm a take you pussies with me
I ain't trustin' 12 shoots, you know I keep them choppers with me
And I don't trust you dum-ah-cluts, you know I keep them shotta's with me
Can't let the goons get bored, got to keep them niggas busy
And I ain't trustin' no body, so I took my money with me
Cause last time they got me get me get me


[Verse 2]
Stay on it by the way, I want it by the way
Take it to ya mama's mama house where everybody stay
Where everybody sleep, leave everybody sleep
Have a baby by who, that's everybody's freak
Baby like a drycleaners, done seen everybodys sheets
Take 'em straight to the hood, let everybody eat
I went down they went down, now everybody cheap
Or should I say cheaper maybe even lower
Ya'll niggas gettin' missed if ya'll talk any slower
Then ya flow a be screwed, now that a be rude
I demand my respect, plus I gotta sack
Had the Westside crackin' ask about in the map


[Verse 3]
I turned a brick into a clothing, line a boost commercial
And they still talkin' young, so who's commercial
Young like Noah I move them birds by the two
Daddy need to smoke, the coupe need a pair of shoes
I keep my A.I. on still won't cross over
I gotta half a box left I think I need more soda
Hustlin'' since I was ten still ain't met Sosa
I just got this thing in it's too big for a holster
They say I'm bipolar so indecisive
So muthafuckin' what I know some bitches who like it
The real niggas recite it, the real bitches they love it
It's just the way that I thug it it's what they want I'm like fuck it
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