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That's my gang, (COUPE), that's my gang (Pssh, yeah)
That's my gang, (Shh), that's my gang, that's my gang
That's my gang (Uh-huh), that's my gang

Another motherfuckin' day, another dollar (Yeah)
More bitches, yeah, more problems, got money, it'll solve 'em
I know my hoes is thirsty, my trap, that bitch stay workin'
Babygirl, come get this perky, you know I'm out here servin' (I'm out here servin')
Yeah, I'm servin' and swervin' (Yeah)
Pull up on the block, I got the P's on me, twenty five hunnid for these
Know I just show love to my hood, you ain't from my hood, I up-up the fee (Yeah)
Takin' the risk, this shit is not cheap, makin' money every day of the week
Makin' money off the booth, the beef, I'm trappin' and scammin' the hoes of these streets (Yeah)
You know I get dirty, I learned it from the streets, picture the gang, you gotta be under me
Niggas ain't part of my gang, they part of me, big caliber, it'll rip 'em apart
Slimeball, show no love for the boy, I'm from the hood where this shit is hard
Gotta know what you're doin', you got to play it smart
Mama had got the word in the street that her son go hard, don't do it for myself, I do it for squad
Play with my gang, I gotta go hard on God
I have no forgiveness 'bout money, I am goin' hard (Hard)
Can you forgive me 'bout the way I gotta do 'em, God?
I'm knowin' I'm gon' have to shoot the boy, just like me, won't go out bad
I done deal with tougher situations, I'm gon' smash his ass
I know that these people will not make it when I'm on they ass
You know I got a box on you, and we got 'em
Boxed in, blocked in, we got them Glocks in (We got them Glocks in), yeah
Rock shit, we rockin' shit, you know how we drop shit (Know how we drop shit), yeah
Opposites ain't stoppin' shit, you know we lock in, yeah (Yeah)
The profit big, the body dead, you know who did it, 4L (Yeah, yeah)
And that's my gang (Gang), that's my gang (Gang), that's my gang (Gang, gang)
That's my gang (Gang), that's my gang (Gang), that's my gang (Gang)

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