Текст песни Baby Cham - Holiday

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feat. Alias

Yuh si mi rolling in my Benz
Making mad money with my friends
Rolling in some phat 4-runners and BM's

Depends...it's all about more Benjamins
Cause I'm a tru playa with the ladies on my ends

Ends...Sex is what the doctor recommends
Lens...I'm clocking all the honies through my lens
Trends...me and my crew setting trends
I got myself a tan and get cleanse

Jamaicans seh wuk
in other words a goose is getting pluck
I'm feeling kinda high my You-Know-What is getting suck
Yuck...I'm coming and she don't intend to duck
and now she staring at mi looking rather messed up
Stuck...yuh nah wid this wi nuh give a f*ck
Yuck...I had her in the back seat of my truck
Buck...she had me reminicing on the f*ck
and now she left me rather dumb-struck

So we going on a punaney Holiday
Honies and cars and cuban cigars
All playa haters betta run-away
Niggas be living like stars

So we going on a punaney Holiday
Honies and cars and cuban cigars
All playa haters betta runaway
Niggas be living like stars

Respec have to go
This joint have me hopping on my toes
Back Yard Crew mashing up di stage show
Yo! Listen to mi good cause yuh nuh crow
I sell a lot a trees so I make a lot a dough
Hold up wait a minute let me break it down slow
So eve-ry body can understand my flow
On your....mark...set....go
Alias running that from Flo

[Repeat from top]
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