Текст песни Baby Cham - Vitamin S

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She misereable, said she stressed
So me give ar some S-E-X
A just the lovin', them a repress
Them hear say a we have di best
That's why
Gal a shape up back home
And a blow up my phone
Cuz dem waan di Vitamin S
Gal a smoke my cigar
And a run down me car
Cuz dem waan di Vitamin S
Gal a unbutton ar skirt
And a pop off ar shirt
Cuz dem waan di Vitamin S
Gal na tek no less
Cuz a it good fi stress
Dem waan di Vitamin S

Gal in a heat, gal waan man and dem gon' a street
Frustrated so she a kiss ar teet
Don't worry yourself belive
If 'im na do you good just call me and I will do it
Me alone love you make you feel so sweet
Play inna you hair and massage you feet
One dose tree times a week
And will make you feel complete believe me
Everybody know say it good fi you dear
It nice when you get a one dose when you wait
Some man no good so dem gal afia fake
Come on dude give me a break
That's why


[Verse 2]
Nikki come check me
She never ??
She need an injection fi get ar energized
Just one dose and we start exercise
She wake up di whole neighborhood wit ar noise
Apart, together, then reach for di sky
Gimme some squat now, fi firm up di thighs
Listen to me good me a tell all di guys
Jook dem right mek dem go fantasize
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