Текст песни BabyTron - WHATS FUNNY? (HAHA)

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(Enrgy made this one)

These hoes ain't nothin' to brag about
Hit yo' bitch with the Walls of Jericho, she tappin' out
Ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha, what you laughin' 'bout?
Yo' lil' ho so irritating, pulled up on her, scrapped it out
High as hell, I stabbed the Jag' forward tryna back it out
Feel like Kevin McCallister, stay at home and trap it out
Premeditated road runnin', 'fore we ran we mapped it out
Box him in it, fap it out, pause, we gon' clap it out, pause
Cuddy think he Vince McMahon and he in here smackin' down raw
Have my shooter pop up at yo' yard just like a groundhog
Slow hoes hurt my head, I gotta get from 'round y'all
Scammin', punchin' with my left hand, I played it Southpaw
It's always backwards, I never seen the hoes hound y'all
Private numbers playin', had to cut off inbound calls
Five seconds, you won't get the chance to inbound ball
Bitch, six star wanted level, don't you see the heli' inbound?
Pull up to yo' room, had the whole telly get down
Tap a hat, switch towns
That's how the switch sound
That's how the glitch sound
That's how the whip sound
Y'all treating rat' like some queens, they shouldn't get crowns
Look at me now, diamonds dancing, they on Chris Brown
How we let him set him up? How we put his blick down?
Worst choice of all time
Shit, I only pearl doinks, not the small kind
With them step steppers, they don't care to cross lines
Catch all timers with the bitch, cut all ties
Let's get the ball rollin', these hoes all goin'
The poles all load, the charms all frozen
Every bitch that I fucked with hearts all broken
We gon' be shoppin' from the moment that the mall open till it's close
Zoomin' with a backseat full of turkey bags, I'm spillin' 'bows
It's finna rain, finna pour, you better get a coat
It's finna rain, finna pour, you better build a boat
Time traveled fifty years ahead and I was still the GOAT
You was still a joke
Still in yo' bitch throat, shit, she still a ho
Could see a hunnid red lights, shit, she still gon' go
Told her that she didn't have to but she still gon' blow
That piss you off, don't it?
My killer's strange and deranged
Down the block, out the sunroof, got range out the Range
You think the socks pain 'cause they say "Hanes" but these hoes Supreme
Had a bad day, had her blow me just to blow off steam
Yo' bitch a real one
That mill' ticket hit different when you feel one
A da— I mean a real one
Shooter in the water, tryna Navy SEAL somethin'
Shooter hotter than the sun, he tryna Bradley Beal somethin'
Wished that I click my heals three times then leave
'Cause these hoes irritating, tryna ask me for cheese
The nerve of 'em, huh
You'll snake yo' bro out and turn on him, huh
Brodie pulled up minivan, you finna Purge on him, huh
Cuddy pulled up Kitty like, "You finna swerve on him, huh"
We'll put him in a verse, we'll put him in the dirt
We'll put him on a shirt, we'll put him in a hearse
I ain't done yet
They say I'm on the run like, how? I ain't even run yet
Bitch, stop runnin', tryna quit, I ain't even nut yet
Know that she a slut, she suck me up and we ain't hug yet
I'm talkin' sunrise to sunset
M4A1, this a Daniel Defense
Neighbors wanna see the life I'm livin', they'll stand on the fence
You a cheerleader who don't play, just standin' on the bench
I ain't Dirty Dan but this a dirty Fanta that I quench
You a dirty dude, dirty pants, dirty shoes
Yo' boo dirty too, we can't beef, you thirty-two
You got a decade on me
I got some mega nuts put up
I got a weapon on me, cuddy got a extra cutter tucked
(Alright, I'm done)
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