Текст песни Blue october - Sweet And Somber Pigeon Wings

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The sweet and somber pigeon wings,

cant we all recall when MaMa and PaPa,

were the sweet tooth Christmas Ball.

A Picturesque holiday family.

Of course I was small and all i knew was my Grandpa,

But I really didn’t know him at all.

My blood, my cousins my calvary.

A piece of them gone but still I feel them strong,

When I reach for Daivid ’cuz our Grandpa is gone.

I shout out.... I got love for the family.

My Mother’s a daoll and my Father can stop any brawl,

Pucker up I’d like to kiss you all.

Open your eyes... a new song ’cuz the family’s wrong,

So don’t lecture me.

But as far as I can see,

the stepmom, yeah the widow’s palm is what’s

crushing me,

and this family.

Beyond my time

I’s beyond my time
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