Текст песни Cannibal Corpse - Zero the hero

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Originally performed by Black Sabbath
Accept the fact that you’re second rate, life is easy for you
It’s all served up on a gold plated plate
and we don’t even have to talk to you
Your face is normal, that’s the way you’re bred
and that’s the way you’re going to stay
Your head is firmly nailed to your TV channel
But someone else’s finger’s on the control panel

What you gonna be, what you gonna be brother
Zero the Hero
Don’t you wanna be, don’t you wanna be brother
Zero the Hero
When you gonna be, when you gonna be brother
Zero the Hero
Impossibility impissibolity mother
Really a Hero

You sit there watch it all burn down
it’s easy and breezy for you
You play your life to a different sound
No edge no edge you got no knife have you
Your life is a six-lane highway to nowhere
You’re going so fast you’re never ever gonna get down there
Where the heroes sit by the river
with a magic in their music as they eat raw liver

You stand there captain we all look, you really are mediocre
You are the champion in the Acme form book
But I think you’re just a joker
Your facedown life ain’t so much of a pity
But the luv-a-duckin’ way you’re walkin’ around the city
with your balls and your head full of nothing
it’s easy for you sucker but you really need stuffing
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