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Glory Gang
On Foenem Radio
Go 'til you can't fuckin' go no more, nigga

[Verse 1]
Pull up your chair, it's time to eat, boy
Better keep that money, better hope it don't leave, boy
October Forgiatos, look like Halloween, boy
You can be the prince of Chiraq, I'm the king, boy
Kids love a nigga 'cause the joy a nigga bring, boy
Got my heart too, they know it ain't a thing, boy
Call baby, "Pookie," 'cause for Sosa, she a fiend, boy
I'll stop sippin' 'fore I sip some fuckin' green, boy
Lambo' take off, Redbull, I got wings, boy
Sosa hatin' on you, I ain't know that was a thing, boy
That's huh? Bitch
Foenem yellin', "Go" like the light turned green, boy (Ayy, go, go)
Yeah, them ass shots good, but I need you on your knees
Spray one of thesе stankin' ass niggas with Febreze

Shе said, "I been" (Thinkin' 'bout you), ayy
(Yes, indeed) Oh, you did?
Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh (Huh?)
Why, oh, why?
She said, "I been" (Thinkin' 'bout you), huh?
(Yes, indeed) Oh, you did? (Let's get it)
Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh (Sit gang, uh-uh-uh, on the gang)
Why, oh, why?

[Verse 2]
This shit cost a arm and leg, cars and bread
Takin' big steps, bitch, I'm nine ahead
We been havin' sex, but not in the bed
Told me that it's red, so I got some head
I put on my weeks, went and got some bread
Why you got a stick if it's not in the head?
Nigga, in the club drunk, headlock a nigga head
Threw his ass on the table, threw his ass on his head
Nigga wake up in a hospital bed
Like, "This the last time I said what I shouldn't have said"
Bitch gon' wake up with knots on his head
Thought he was sick, it's balloons on his bed
I been lookin' for the Wockhardt, but I'll sip some red
All I need is a doctor, tell him I need my meds
And my XD brown, so I nicknamed him, "Ted"
Lost my shit when I caught him and my bitch in the bed
High as hell, left my stick in the bed
It's the last time I'm sippin' the red
One puff of Guido, hundred hits in the head
When my granny laid her ass in the bed
Gave her ass a hundred kisses in the head
Granny taught a nigga everything he said
Granny taught a nigga everything he say
Hit the family reunion Lamborghini way
Bitch, we come from playing ball in the craze
Man, I come from bologna on my plate
Might forget, but I mean everything I say
When Chief Sosa pull up, he flexing, pull up
Shittin' on them, pull ups
Hope the law don't pull up
Dashbox so I can have somewhere to put the 'Wood up
Fit crazy, like I'm doing lean ups and kush ups
Boy, you must have hit your fuckin' head and sniffed some good stuff
Never know the whip I'm in, my other shit be put up
I'll be thanking God 'cause I appreciate the little stuff
Ain't in the mud no more, but I'll still pick the mud up
Who would ever know, when I was seven, picking mud up?
When you loading shells in your gun, pick a glove up
Or pick a shirt up
Baby blue Forgiatos, bitch, I dressed 'em like a surgeon
(Baby blue Forgiatos, bitch, I dressed 'em like a surgeon)

H-U-R-T, they hatin', I see
I got my fire on me, put it on repeat
1800-KING-KEEF if you want some beef
Man, Gucci coat with the pole underneath
Meet me on hundred street, turn it to a haunted street
I'm getting money, nigga, I don't even wanna beef

[Verse 3]
We was at the corner, doing laundry
Bank account got stung by a bumblebee
And my car feel like Superman's under me
Two piece, smoked in one week, nigga, not three
I'll tell you what, stay your ass off our street
Nigga get flatlined in a damn heartbeat
My front yard look like a GTA car meet
I should buy a Demon, use it as an art piece
Bitch, I'm Gucci, double Gs in the car seat
Sold the same rock Jigga seen in Marcy
In the hood, Sosa had Lamborghini speed
It's only right I get a Lamb' for my enemies
It's only right I get a Porsche, jumped off the porch
Your heart drop when the SWAT knock on your door
That's some shit make you jump back on the porch
If you ain't cut, you gon' tell on all your boys

Hey, hey
(If you ain't cut, you gon' tell on all your boys)
Your heart drop when the SWAT knock on your door, huh? (Ayy)
If you ain't cut, you gon' tell on all your boys (Go)
Your heart drop when the (Go)
She said
Ayy, she said
She said
Ayy, ayy, she said
Ayy (Glory Gang), ayy
On Foenem Radio
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

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