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Farewell, OK
You'll be on your way
You'll be on your own now
But to my dismay
I can't go on
After what you've done
There are two words that sound like "prey, pray"
But I'm not going to tell you which one I'm thinking of
Farewell, OK
Farewell, OK
I thought you'd change
Get a little humble
You strike your strange disposition
Like a drummer hits a cymbal
And rings on in the vicinity
From an instant thrill to infinity
And that doesn't seem like a sin to me
Farewell, OK
Farewell, OK
Ran my hand in the rhythm along the ballroom wall
Felt the rumble of the bass through the entrance hall
And the door flung open to a mascara cry
I can't shake the sound of "How could you or why?"
I can't get the stain off my hands ever since
From the fake marble pillar past a curtain of chintz
A splatter of steps on a chalk floor pattern
A trim of black lace on a hem of red satin
Goodbye, so long
There's no right or wrong
This might be the final word I chance in the very last dance
The appeal of the trumpet to a pearl of red laughter
Of lipstick and kisses right here under the rafter
A fumble for heaven in a thimble of draft
And a seldom of Elvis in the velvet hereafter
Farewell, OK
Farewell OK
Farewell, OK
Farewell, OK

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