Текст песни Faith No More - As The Worm Turns (Live, 1990)

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One day, you're thinkin' that maybe you're feelin' better
And you're probably an okay person, if you only had a job
Through the hollow tombs can see them
Through their mouths, I can hear them prayin' for pain
But it's only a game

Listen man, I know
That things are really rough
And everybody gets you
And life is really tough

But I know
That deep down inside
There's a feelin' that rides
All the way to the end

Thursday you sit in your room with the lights turned out
And you don't answer the door
Friday morning looks sunny and bright
Like it's goin' to be a good day
And it would be if only you had a job

Time is on your side, you're young
Don't waste your time today
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