Текст песни I.Witness - Loved

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Just imagine that today is your last day
And you know
That you won’t see this setting sun again
These streets, these lawns, these ugly begging kids
Your loving friends. Your only friends, your last friends
Will watch your die to take away your clothes

You failed and now you know you’re wrong
But now it’s too late
Apparitions, amputations, rotting extremities
That’s all you’ve got in exchange for the world
For your lonely lovely world

“I know now when you read it I am so far away from home. Please don’t try to find me. There’s no use in chases, ads of my loss in the news blocks, stupid papers on the trees along all big roads. I won’t come back. I hope you will try to forgive me and understand. I’d rather die alone than die unloved. Don’t take me home again”
I miss you now, but you…
But you don’t
But you can’t
But you won’t, but you
But you were
The best thing that I could only have
And the only one I could rely on and the one who really cared
I’m empty, I’m dead, and I’m lost without you
Please find me, just try; I know you’re really anxious now
(WE’RE LOVED) We’re loved even we can’t look through palms
(WE’RE LOVED) We’re loved even love force us to stranglehold
(WE’RE LOVED) We’re loved, but sometimes can’t understand
(WE’RE LOVED) We’re loved but push away the helping hand
I’m sorry, I’m not Holden.
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