Текст песни Impetigo - Cannibal Lust

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(lyrics: Stevo /november 1989-february 1990 / music: Stevo and
Mark /may 1991)

Returned from the hunt, armed to the teeth
Return triumphant to my village, my village is asleep
The cool night air inspires me, my lust I can’t control
I select a captured mate in silence, to the altar we go...
I like to eat pussy, I like to eat fish
I’d like to eat your entrails, this cannibal’s favorite dish
You are my bethroded, my white blond queen
I lie you to wall of wote and make love to your spleen!
Your mine forever, you breathe your last
Ritual marriage, my love for you is cast
Our union consume-mated, your organs I stick
Your blood in my mouth, your blood on my prick
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