Текст песни Kylie Minogue - I Miss You

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1: As soon as I wake up
I'm starting to think of only you
I read all your letters
Over and over and over
I go to the mirror
Next to the photograph of you
I know it sounds crazy
It brings me much closer to you
I know you'll be back one day
I only behave this way

CHORUS: 'Cos I miss you
Yeah I miss you
Said I miss you
Yeah I miss you

2: They tell me I daydream
But all my dreams are only you
I look throught the window
And wish I could be with you
They say that I'm wasting time
But I can't get you off my mind


Over and over
I'm happy to be this way

3: And in the evening
I lie on the bed and think of you
I hug my pillow
And make believe it's really you

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