Текст песни Little Simz - Venom

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In a world where the love isn't free
Through the lies and the pain and deceit
See, glitter ain't always gold
They want war but we came for the peace
Misfits in the belly of the beast
Get ready for the rally in the streets
Don't aim too high, they tell you
But above clouds, we reach
I'm numb to the words they preach
We listen to the inner voice leading
Listen to the words I'm speakin'
Always for the people 'til the day I stop breathin'
Can't take back all the time we spent
Tryna make deep change in the world
How do you get them to understand when you're right
When your pain isn't felt? It's a triumph
The bass ain't too loud for the room
We can never be silenced, venom


My, my, if you've ever heard what I've heard in the night
What a fright, they wanna see us abandon the fight
We never die, we just multiply
Take all the rage you've been feeling inside
You couldn't handle this heat if you tried
City-to-city, it's different from me, you and I have similar lives
I've got a plan, is you comin' with me?
There's minutes to go, I ain't watchin' the time
Lovers are ringing, I'm ready to roll
Ain't no time to chill when my seat don't recline
Ain't no apologies, I'm takin' off and ain't nobody stopping me
You're gonna do something or you're just watchin' me?
Only I know what the fate of my prophecy is
Yeah, I know where I'm heading
Voice is a weapon, watch as I tell 'em


Night time to daylight, we roll trees
Saved lives, invade minds and go deep
Oh, he wouldn't have guessed I'm so chill
Part of the day in the life you won't see
Part of the day in the life you can't be here for
It's the day in the life of OGs
Dealin' with inner demons that won't leave
Not a word, you will listen when my soul speaks
Down I go, so follow me, follow me, follow me
Actually, don't follow me, nobody bother me
I'm a mess, honestly, fuck all of your policies
They wanna kick me down and demolish me
Use me and fuckin' abolish me, I don't wanna hear no apologies
Or am I in my own head?
Can't tell anymore, psychotic to the death
When I dig deep, I can never find nothin' left
It's a mystery, rage, nothin' but rage
Can't figure out if I'm goin' insane
Ain't no doubt, we'll be showing no mercy
So think twice if you wanna get blazed
Nothin' ain't nice 'round here, no games
I don't wanna dark nobody in a flash
True, it's a stick-up, hands in the air
Put the money in the bag, all cash, all cash

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