Текст песни MAC MILLER - What Do You Do

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This tambourine
Man, I think I'm Eric Andre
Man, I think I'm Louis C.K.
Man, I think so therefore I am, man, It's 8AM
Man, my mind is an emporium of cute naked hoes
My brother one of the only ones I can confide in
It ain't no water in the pool, go 'head and dive in (dive in)
I toot my horn, I blow my bugle, I recycle
I say "free beluga whales" on YouTube, what do you do?
The pussy like trouble 'cause I'm in it often
A drug habit like Philip Hoffman will probably put me in a coffin
But down the slope in my toboggan
Three day delirium, gettin' weirder than Austin
Now it's seven in the morning, this rapper life is so boring
Still at it, the drug absorbent, endorphin addict, yeah
The evil follow me, I got a devil magnet
I know a bitch who'll let you fuck her for Coachella passes
Oh, so pompous, the ambiance
You remind me of the lobby of the Mondrian
I saw you meditatin', get your Gandhi on
If she got that stank puss, then I won't be long
Never lose your mind 'cause insanity is brutal
Life is just like college, all you have's your noodle
Mirror mirror on the wall, I'm staring at a dead man
Me and Mikey go back like Bron-Bron's headbands
The white American, hiding from the Aryan
New Tibetan Mastiff, and he hate it when you stare at 'em
Jump in, the jacuzzi on (yeah, ) say I fuck witchu the long way
I love you more than Kanye love Kanye (and I'm a)
Slave to the W, I don't hang with losers
I'm in the suburbs doin' drive-by's on Razor scooters
It's my first try, swear I got a third eye
It's work time, I sell the coke to students out in Irvine
Eh, coming off the high, listening to Jamiroquai
Why we go through hell when we tryna get to paradise?
It's like we ain't scared of death but we scared of life
It's like we shootin' for the stars but we scared of heights
I'm in-doors, pair of gym shorts, with the Sith Lord
We might go bowling later, maybe play Connect 4
Get high, fuck her with the Tech Deck
Callin' local middle schools and send in some death threats
"Hey look
When I tell you this, I mean this seriously
From the bottom of my heart
I need the briefcase in fifteen minutes
Or everybody's finished"
I love my powder white, prefer my bitches black
I'm gettin' lit with Da$h, you don't see us in the back
No longer Little Mac, a briefcase with a million cash
Oh, yeah
Let me off at the top
Let me off at the top
Let me off at the top
Let me off at the top
Let me off at the top
Let me off at the top
Let me off at the top
Let me off at the top
Let me off at the top
We can keep ridin' for now
Let me off at the top
The road keeps windin' around
Let me off at the top
Oh, I'm high as the clouds
Let me off at the top
Hey motherfucker, shut your motherfuckin' mouth!
"Sure, they're terrific athletes"
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