Текст песни Magic - Hard Times

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Chorus (C-Murder)2x
Hard times got me trapped in the game
I wanna change, cuz even thugs need a second chance

I be tryin to make money outta nothing at all
It’s hard, cuz motherfuckers wanna see me fall
My adversaries wanna see me dead
But I won’t let em, all I know is I’ma leave em how I left em dead
I’m a rider, ride til the end
Ain’t No Limit when my bullets start spittin from my Mack-10
My next Magic ridin dirty in the Lexus,up in Texas
Bout to do a show, representin Tru Records
They say C-Murder got the ghetto on lock down
I’m representin every hood like my hometown
I’ll make a motherfucker feel my pain
If it don’t hit me where it hurts, you ain’t true to the game
I’m in the studio gettin blowed
And not a chance I’m at the show askin niggas for the indo
And to all my niggas trapped in the game
Just remember even thugs need a second chance

Chorus 2x

I’m through with being broke and disgusted
Fuck, I can’t be trusted
A product of the streets, so I just can’t be outhustled
But livin like a bitch just ain’t my lifestyle
Hooked up with C-Murder, and now I’m livin life thug style
Hard times taught me valuable lessons
I keep a Smith and Wesson
Make them niggas feel my presence
If I die, I’m gonna take some niggas with me
But I doubt if you’d try
Cuz you bitches don’t have the heart to come and get me
Til the day I die, I’m gonna make you niggas FEEL ME
How you gon kill me?
I got my true niggas wit me
Fucking trapped in this game, it’s a shame
How many brains I had to obtain by close range
Shall I get a second chance?

Chorus 4x

A second chance
My nigga Magic got a second chance
A second chance
C-Murder get a second chance
All my true niggas get a second chance
A second chance
All my thugs get a second chance
Hard times got me trapped in the game, uhh
Even thugs need a second chance
Hard times got me trapped in the game, uhh
Even thugs need a second chance
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