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Takeoff, Takeoff
Takeoff, Takeoff, Takeoff
Takeoff, Takeoff
Takeoff, Takeoff, Takeoff
(DJ Durel)
Rest in peace my nigga Takeoff
Yeah, 'cause

I told niggas I jump out them jacks, suppose that I'm foreigned by stats, let's get it
I had to earn they respect, they hatin' the more that I flex, they trippin'
I guess they go to the jets, all my young boys threats, they drillin'
Niggas can't copy my neck, it's OG, know we erect, wе killin'
Step up your game or lose your bitch, you bеtter hope we don't choose your bitch
I'm in my bag, got all of my bitches out here, tryna figure out who she with
Love me to death, do whatever I tell her, I fuck her and turn her a lunatic
Jumped off the yacht, then I ran to the chopper, I'm livin' my life with some movie shit, yeah
Big stunner, I say, yeah, free Gunna
I say, yeah, free Thugger, whoever killed Takeoff, he a sucker
Too many shots off in this Glock to be 'round niggas, that's mean muggin'
Light Benz black, I'm from O'Block, 'cause this new sticker three-hundred, yeah
Hold on, wait, hit a lil' bitch with the "Hold up" face
Hundred for the watch, still show up late
That intro drop, they go up straight, lit, it's lit
Get in my bag, start poppin' my shit
Just not on the 'Gram, I'm really a trip
Shorty real bad, she really a stick
She get on the jet, I'ma willie this bitch (Woah)
She was just fuckin' a lame
I'm givin' her game, like Wallo, Gillie, and shit (Woah)
I just jumped off the plane
A milli' in cash, like Rylo, killin' this shit (Woah)
Said he fucked my ho'
And I believed him, so I got rid of the bitch (See you)
Act like I ain't know her
And I'm so sneaky, I start spinnin' the bitch (Spinnin')
Spinarella, I want her and her friend together
Fuck her friend, I'ma hit her better
Just for disrespect, and I'ma get her jealous (Woah)
I'ma pass it, 'cause these niggas ratchet
Double-back and hit it off the [?] ashes, I ain't trippin'
Seen 'em speakin' and he counted peepin'
And we been together, but I ain't hit it
Seen a Bugatti, a milli' in cash
I wanna say "Fuck it, though", I ain't get it
I do my numbers and run in my bag to the point that they can't even find niggas (Yeah)
I know niggas been sleepin' on me, put 'em out, so I can admire niggas (Put 'em out)
Find out y'all niggas creepin' on me, I'ma sit here through, come find niggas, on gang

Big slider (Rest in peace to Take', go get your switch, 'cause it ain't safe)
Big slider (Rest in peace to Take', go get your switch, 'cause it ain't safe)
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