Текст песни Meek Mill - Wait For You

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What you doin' over there
What you doin', yo?
You wanna call me and just look pretty over there, huh?
You hear me?
You wanna call me and just look pretty over there, huh?
Give me the real one
I'll call you when I get out the blueprint, yo
(ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob)

She prayed for my demons, so I levelled her up
I'm up in Neeman's, spendin' seventy up
She a material girl, in love with money, so I was lettin' her nut
And I ain't really even have nothin', but I was just lettin' her stunt
You know, Prada me, I'll Prada her, she bottle me, I don't bottle her
Only time I bottle, eat your pussy to make your body purr
I'll fuck you 'til your body hurt
Found out where your spot at, now it ain't a lot of work
Told you come with me, we was out in Turks
Nasty, travellin' and havin' it
I'm keepin' it classy, forever appeal with all my baddies
You see me in traffic, don't ever speak, 'cause we too cracky
And I won't even peep, I had beef, drop the addy (Drop it)
Pull up on me, if I was locked down, shit, would you pull up for me?
Like really wait for me if I was low on money or low on lovin'?
'Cause the way that they've been movin', I've been low on trustin'
Pull that Lambo' through the lil' block, tell 'em to throw on somethin'
'Cause my hood bitch motivate me and always gon' roll up somethin'
She don't ever really be trippin', I made her my Goyard youngin
I bought her some Goyard luggage
When they don't even know y'all fuckin, it hit better
Just knowin' I'll get any girl I want, it make her wetter
And she won't go against me, it don't matter what you tell her
This life can get risky, Lord, don't ever use them letters
This nothin' ain't forever, uh
You could've waited, but you faded when niggas hated
Can't even save you, how you played in them situations?
Know a couple niggas that hit and I'm gon' get that information
But it come to me and them niggas, you ain't finna treat me like no basic
I get real cash, rich bitches all in my DM, tryna fuck me real bad
I bought this BM, a new BM, and now he real mad
It's a competition, no competition, I'm startin' to feel bad
I think I said that, uh
I've been travellin' around the world for you
I might pull up in your city, put it in you
And might take you on the tour with us, 'til the gang sit on the floor with us
She came and I had came, and know I'm cummin', I took her soul from her
Yeah, still remember your voices from talkin' over my jail phone
Every time I fuck you, fuck you like I just came home

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