Текст песни Poets Of The Fall - Hello Cabaret

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[Verse 1]
Hello Cabaret
I love your bling and sway
Your bright display
It isn’t everyday you get to have your way
Cheers and hoorays!
Here’s to a brand new day
A brand new day of running with the wolves
Who’ll never understand
The reason for the circumstance
How is this the way the story goes?

Most will never comprehend
'til they’re in the very
Then it’s oh, oh, oh

[Verse 2]
Hello Cabaret
Like a rainy day
I’ve gotta break away
Well look now
This is everything I’vе saved
For just such a day
Diamonds and spades
For when you comе calling
Dancing on my grave
For all my choices made
Judging me for how I played
The hand you dealt me
Stains the blood that flows

Most will never comprehend
Till’ they’re in the very predicament
Then it’s oh, oh, oh

[Verse 3]
Hello rainy day
Come wash away
My doubts and my convictions
Got me waylaid
Come clean my slate
Don’t keep me waiting
Restless and afraid

Of all I once did love but lost
Nothing comes without a cost
The wise fool said that’s just the way it goes

Most will never comprehend
Till’ they’re in the very predicament
And then it’s oh, oh
Are you alright my love?

[Verse 4]
Hello Cabaret
Hope you enjoyed your stay
And this lil’ soiree
The mock Ballet, the Beaujolais, and me
All overlaid
While I sang and played
Now it’s a brand new day for running with the wolves
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