Текст песни Ray J - Changes

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If I ever give you all of me (if I ever)
Just a piece of me that you can see
Will you ever make a change for me?
A change in you is a change for me, baby

[Verse 1:]

I said you ought to make a change
Find a way to love yourself
Open up your heart and mind
In there, you will find
The key to a new life


The words "I’m sorry"
Are said a thousand times
But what’s it going to take
For you to change your life around?
If you truly want to be happy
Then recognize in yourself
There’s a true gift from life
The truth in life
It just a piece of me that you can see
Will you ever make a change for me?
Change in you is a change for me (oh yes)

[Verse 2:]

Take a longer look at yourself
Find the hidden truth and let it exhale
Let me lead the way (uh oh oh oh)
Can you evasion all the things that I see? (oh oh)

[Chorus 2x]
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