Текст песни Sabaton - 40:1

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So silent before the storm, awaiting command
A few has been chosen to stand as one outnumbered by far
The orders from high command, fight back hold, your ground
In early September it came, a war unknown to the world

No army may enter that land
That is protected by polish hand
Unless you are 40 to 1
Your force will soon be undone, undone

Baptized in fire of fire 40 to 1
Spirit of Spartans death and glory
Soldiers of Poland second to none
Wrath of the Wehrmacht brought to a halt

The 8th of September it starts the rage of the Reich
A barrage of mortars and guns stand fast the bunkers will hold
The captain has pledged his life, "I'll face my fate here"
The sound of artillery strike so fierce the thunder of guns

So come bring on all that you've got
Come hell, come high water never stop
Unless you are 40 to 1
Your lives will soon be undone, undone

Always remember a fallen soldier
Always remember fathers and sons at war
Buried in history
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