Текст песни Sabaton - Attero Dominatus

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Berlin is burning
The reich has fallen

We stand at the gates of Berlin
With two and a half million men
With six thousand tanks in our ranks
Use them as battering rams

Artillery leading our way
A million grenades has been launched
The nazis must pay for their crimes
The wings of the eagle has been broken

Marshall Zhukov's orders:
Serve me Berlin on a plate!
Disregard the losses
The city is ours to take

The price of a war must be payed
Millions of lives has been lost
The price must be paid by the men
That started the war in the 30's

The spring of the year 45'
The year when the nazis will fall
We're inside the gates of Berlin
The beak of the eagle is broken

Comrade Stalins orders:
Serve me it's head on a plate
Disregard the losses
The eagle's land is ours to take

In Berlin!
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