Текст песни T.I. - Hustlin' ( feat Governor)

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Hustlin... out here...

[Chorus: Governor]
I'm out here, hustlin
I'm just thinkin 'bout gettin back home to you babe
I'm out here, hustlin
You see that's how I'm able to send that little money to you
Hustlin - let's get more freedom
in my future, so we can ball (out here)
So we can sip champagne, and puff that mary jane
And you can fly first class on an airplane

Jeah, ay, let's go man
I remember comin up, used to hate to get on the bus
Dreams of gettin paid and makin the big bucks
Started to get a little then couldn't get enough
Let me in, I'ma win nigga I don't give a fuck
The environment sucks but the bread ain't bad
The broads, don't fuck 'em all but the head ain't bad
I'm young, rich and legit; think the Feds ain't mad?
Haters are sick of the Six, so scared of the scad
Dag, damn nigga ya ain't have to brag
This'll never pay, remember when you said that bad?
The nigga still thinkin I blew up so fast
J. Geter, remember when you put up yo' last?
This for my niggaz tryin to flip yo' cash
'fore the Feds can get a chance to clip yo' ass
Get a lot of powder in a Ziplock bag
Wrist full of rubber bands, 40-cal's in the dash


Yo ay, ay, let me holla at 'em Gov'..
I know some people love me to death and there's some that can't stand me
Cause I got a big-ass crib in Miami (what else?)
Another out in Cali, backyard so sandy (okay)
And most broads find it hard to understand me
But the same attitude that make crews goddamn me
is the same ones that got me lookin cool at the Grammy's
Haters wanna damage me but King you'll never be
Shawty holla at me when you get your first felony
Then holla at me when you've been on Dave Letterman
Say they never seen a real nigga so elegant
Lames wanna hear that real shit and I'm tellin it
Trained the game to be sold and I'm sellin it
Chasin a Honda mil', that bullshit is irrelevant
We can race if you wanna, I bet on me and you'll never win
Simply cause a loser's somethin I've never been
If you doubt now holla back at 2007 then


Hustlin... out here...
Hustlin... out here... [echoes]
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